The WhiteOut by Pace American

October 23, 2019

Aluminum Snowmobile & ATV Trailers

The WhiteOut is what happens when asphalt meets fresh powder. What do we mean by that? With this enclosed snowmobile trailer, you’ll seamlessly transition from the open road to the rocky trails and thick snow with little to no effort. It’s the perfect lightweight trailer for hauling your snowmobile near and far, then taking the ATV out to play when the weather’s warm.  

And no matter what you use the WhiteOut for, its two aluminum-built floorplans are small enough to tow with mid-size vehicles, yet strong enough to handle your extreme toys. 

More Than 20 Standard Features Set this Trailer Apart

Let’s start with the ramp, shall we? The WhiteOut brings both a rear and front ramp door (with spring assist) to ensure an easy loading and unloading experience. The spring assist helps you lift and lower the doors so you’re no longer dealing with a cumbersome metal door that can feel like a ton after riding the sled all day.  

Next, we’ll move to an important piece of trailer transportation, and that’s the axles. To help you navigate higher elevations and bumpy roads with ease, the WhiteOut is equipped with spring axles with EZ-lube hubs. What exactly are spring axles, you ask? Also called leaf spring axles, these are the trailer’s suspension system (the most commonly used, to be exact), composed of curved, stacked springs mounted to the trailer’s axle. Over or under-slung, spring axles offer a variety of configurations, are more serviceable, and offer more loading capacity than other axle types.  

Like all Pace American Trailers, this aluminum snowmobile trailer is backed by a limited 3-year warranty for confidence on the road. Not to mention: 

  • 24” stoneguard to protect from kicked up road debris like rocks and ice
  • 24” H ATP exterior lower bottom panels to stop dings, scuffs, and low side impacts
  • An aluminum exterior and one-piece aluminum roof for strong protection from the elements
  • Swing-up jack with dolly wheelone LED dome light, and electric brakes to deliver a solid hauling experience while loading, organizing, and navigating roadways

And all this? Protected by tube main frame construction, which includes a 24” O.C. frame and 16” O.C. sidewalls and roof bows. Now that’s superior protection for a superior snowmobile trailer. 

Popular Options to Complement Your Extreme Sled

The WhiteOut comes in traditional black and white but offers a host of top features you’d be hard pressed to pass up. This includes two choices in spare tire sizes, upgraded aluminum rims, recessed 2,500-lb. D-rings, a 14”x14” fuel door, black NUDO floor, a hingeless ramp extension, and more. 

And if you’re looking to upgrade the color choices to match your ride, standard upgrade colors include charcoal, silver, pewter, and champagne, while premium upgrades bring blue, red, and brandywine. 

For those sledders who want more… may we suggest the 8.5’-Wide Enclosed WhiteOut? 

To make the WhiteOut your own, reach out to your local Pace American dealer, who will happily help you find the right model, accessories, and finishing touches.  

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