10 Mega Yard Sales and Helpful Tips

May 14, 2018

Haul Your Yard Sale Finds in Cargo Trailers from Pace American

Spring, summer, fall—as long as there’s good weather, there will be yard sales. And whether you’re the type to pull over spontaneously when you spot a sale, or you plan your route the night before with GPS and a Pace American trailer in tow, there’s nothing better than a multi-mile yard sale.

These mega yard sales—many spread out over several states—are treasure hunts and festivals rolled into one. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so when you ask yourself, “Are there any yard sales near me?,” Pace American has put together a list of 10 of the best, plus some tips for buyers and sellers.

Kentucky 400-Mile Sale—Kentucky
Dixie Highway 90-mile Yard Sale—Georgia
Route 75 Sales—Illinois

Route 90 50-mile Garage sale—New York

Highway 127 Yard Sale—Michigan to Alabama
Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale—Michigan
Iowa Highway 141 Garage Sale—Iowa

Highway 31W Treasure Hunt/ Yard Sale—Kentucky

Highway 60 Yard Sale—Kentucky
100 Mile Peanut Pickin Yard Sale—Georgia

Yard Sale Tips

For Sellers
1. Go in with others. More is better; you’ll attract more people and you can share promo costs.
2. It pays to advertise. Post signs in strategic areas, put an ad on Craigslist, and post a notice on your town’s Facebook page.
3. Prepare. Start a few weeks ahead; cleaning, sorting, and pricing your items. Gather supplies like clothesline and pins, a clothes rack, tables, signs, price list and tags, dollar bills and change, a few days before.
4. Price to sell. You’ll get rid of more stuff and may even make more money. The last thing you want is to have to take your yard sale wares back into the house.
5. Be a good neighbor. Alert neighbors that you’ll be having a sale, take down signs after the sale is over, and clean up any trash left behind.

For Buyers
1. Get there early for the best finds; end of the day for best prices.
2. Always ask for the seller’s best price.
3. If you’re looking for an item in particular, ask. Maybe the seller has one but didn’t put it out.
4. Map out your route—many town-wide or mega yard sales will have maps available at local businesses and online.
5. Bring something to haul your finds. You don’t want to have to pass up that one-of-a-kind treasure just because it won’t fit into your trunk. If you’re a regular yard sale and flea market fan, consider a lightweight aluminum cargo hauler from Pace American.

Pace American trailers come in a variety of prices and sizes to keep your treasures safe while you’re on the hunt and all the way home. Contact your local Pace American Trailers dealer to choose the right cargo trailer for you, then head out to your next yard sale excursion.