Appearance Package: These Enclosed Cargo Trailer Accessories Make You Look Good While You Tow

December 4, 2018

When you want your enclosed cargo trailer to stand out in the crowd, or just look good while it works hard hauling, our Appearance Package will do just that. Plus, the ATP details and one-piece aluminum roof will not only make your cargo trailer shine, they’ll add an extra layer of protection along the way. 

What is ATP?
ATP, or aluminum tread plate, is a diamond-patterned metal sheeting (also known as diamond plate) often seen on heavy-duty vehicles or towables. ATP serves three purposes:

  1. The added texture reduces the risk of slipping, which is why you often see it on ramps and stairways, as well as the interior of ambulances or on trailer floors and fenders. 
  2. ATP offers protection against damage. On a cargo trailer (shown below) or vehicle, ATP plates provide a rugged resistance to dings and scrapes from road debris (such as rocks and stones), curbs, and corrosive (or erosive) substances.
  3. With its shiny, patterned surface, ATP adds a decorative, polished touch to enclosed cargo trailers.

Why choose a one-piece aluminum roof?
The main reason: no seaming. Fewer seams in the cargo trailer roof results in fewer leaks inside the trailer. Less water equals fewer opportunities for rusting outside and in, which means your trailer will last longer. 

In addition, aluminum is lightweight, easy to maintain, and rust resistant. Finally, a seamless roof just looks better, without seams and screws interrupting the line.

As you can see, the Appearance Package is not just skin deep. The one-piece roof and ATP panels protect your cargo trailer, making it last longer, which improves the resale value when it comes time to upgrade. 

Here’s what the Pace American Appearance Package includes: 

  • ATP on V-Nose
  • ATP on Front Corners of V-Nose
  • ATP on Rear Header and Rear Cornerposts
  • ATP Fenders
  • 12"H ATP Exterior Roadside and Curbside Lower Bottom Panels
  • One-Piece Aluminum Roof
  • .030 Metal
  • Radial Tires 

Your local Pace American dealer will explain all the benefits of the Appearance Package, plus show you the many other cargo trailer accessories available for customizing your heavy-duty hauler.