Custom Trailers

When looking for custom trailers for a specialized use, more people turn to the quality of Pace American Trailers. Pace is the leader in quality cargo, landscape, race/auto trailers in the nation because of our attention to detail and craftsmanship. When working with Pace on your custom trailer you will get our dedicated R&D engineering team working on its design. This ensures no matter what your needs are, such as: clear sided show trailers, restroom & hospitality trailers, mobile office & meeting room trailers, corporate demonstration trailers or other, your custom trailer is trouble free. See your local Pace American Dealer for details or call our Customer Service team at 877-475-5665 to find out more!


Mid-Line Race Trailer

Racers and car enthusiasts who want a quality-built, value driven trailer choose the Pursuit.

Available in 8.5' models

Shadow GT

Premium Race Trailer

The most popular motorsports trailer in America, Shadow GT by Pace American is the gold standard in auto and race haulers. Racers from coast-to-coast who want a trailer built for the rigors of along race season choose Shadow.


Mobile Office Trailer

Pace American understands the need for a mobile office that can go anywhere. Unlike typical job site modular offices, our Wildcat trailers are custom built to fit your needs and can even be transported on rough terrain.