The Pace American Cargo Sport concession trailer continues to set the standard in commercial quality. These custom-built concession trailers let business owners build their ventures just the way they want — wherever they want.  Available in 5’- 6’- and 7’-wide models, owners can choose from seven different trailer sizes in single- or tandem-axle design and even select the roof slope. Opt for the round-top trailer for enhanced water runoff, or choose a flat-top design with optional ladder racks for serious storage. Meanwhile, the V-nose configuration enhances gas mileage for the budget-conscious concessionaire. 

One of the most durable food concession trailers 

No matter which configuration you go with, the Cargo Sport is the muscle you need to move your business operations to that next location — and the next level. The Cargo Sport features tube main frame construction, a no-nonsense one-piece aluminum roof and heavy-bottom trim that creates its eye-catching, commercial-tough exterior. With standard automotive undercoating and Pace American’s three-year limited warranty, the Cargo Sport is designed for years of business. 

Already a stunner with standard aluminum fenders and polished front corners (or nose), concessionaires can handpick their trailer’s exterior color. From distinguished Brandywine to confident Victory Red, the Cargo Sport’s nine color choices will prime you for the many other custom concession trailer decisions you get to make. In fact, you can opt for a two-tone exterior package to set yourself apart from the competition. Some vendors have even customized their trailers with black-and-white checkered flooring. Need to add a concession window or two? Let Pace American help you build the concession trailer of your dreams. 

To start customizing your concession trailer, visit one of our knowledgeable Pace American trailer dealers.