Outback Auto Hauler

The economical, feature-rich enclosed car trailer 

The less you spend on your trailer, the more you’ve got left in your wallet to trick out your classic car and kick the competition to the curb. That’s what it’s all about after all, isn’t it? We’ve got you covered. The Pace American OutBack enclosed car trailer delivers all of the features you want in a trailer at a budget-friendly price. You won’t find a better value. 

The hard-working economy car trailer 

The name “OutBack” says it all. This hard-working economy car trailer delivers the ruggedness you need to protect your cargo with features, like a heavy-duty 3/4” high performance floor on tube mainframe construction with automotive undercoating. (Hey, what can we say, there’s a lot riding on the OutBack’s floor.) Find the perfect fit for your car. Choose from popular lengths of 20-, 22- or 24-feet, all in a 8.5’ wide-body design with payload capacities reaching up to 6,790 lbs., perfect for hauling muscle cars with ease. 

Whether you’re getting started in the car show business and need to watch your budget, or you’ve got some experience under your belt and want to spend those extra bucks on the show circuit, the Pace American OutBack should be at the top of your list. Choose a color from our premium color line and upgrade to aluminum rims and tandem torsion axles. All eyes are sure to be on you.   

Stop by a PACE American dealer near you to see the Pace American OutBack enclosed car trailer for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.