ShadowGT Gooseneck Race Trailer

The best gooseneck race car trailers for sale anywhere

Don’t live in the shadow of competitors. Choose a race car trailer that continues to leave its own distinct mark on the racing industry — Pace American Shadow GT. Race car enthusiasts choose the Shadow GT Gooseneck for its quality and reliability. No matter your trailering need, Shadow GT hauls your valuable cargo safely to its destination. So if you’re looking for the best gooseneck race car trailers for sale, look to the Shadow GT custom race car trailer. 

Cast a shadow on your competitors with your gooseneck race car trailer 

Making an eight-point turn as you maneuver your race car trailer doesn’t exactly say, “Eat my dust,” but the tighter turning radius of Pace American’s gooseneck race car trailers makes maneuvering tight corners and close quarters a breeze. Plus, the gooseneck’s extra storage is an added bonus, along with the gooseneck’s increased stability. Keeping trailer weight over your truck’s rear axle minimizes sway, meaning heavier loads travel more safely in Shadow GT. 

Moreover, Shadow GT is built to last. Four 5,000-lb. recessed, bolted D-rings let you strap down gear, while its standard automotive undercoating, .040 screwless exterior and one-piece aluminum roof mean Shadow GT will be behind you for as long as you need it.   

When you take a look at Shadow GT’s high-end options, it’s crystal clear why this Pace American trailer is one of the best gooseneck race car trailers for sale on the market today. Build your custom trailer by adding straight or L-shaped cabinets, and consider below-floor tire storage for ultimate convenience. Add durability and good looks with aluminum walls or rubber treadplate flooring. 

Ready to step up to a gooseneck trailer? Browse our list of Pace American dealers to find a nearby Shadow GT trailer.